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Hobby Built Introduces The Aura Riser™ aRGB Monitor Stand

Hobby Built Introduces The Aura Riser™ aRGB Monitor Stand

Product Overview The Aura Riser is designed to enhance your workspace with ergonomic benefits, superior organization, and customizable lighting. Whether you're working with dual monitors, a laptop, or a combination of devices, the Aura Riser adapts to your needs, offering a sleek and functional addition to any desk setup.



    • Ergonomics: Improve your posture and reduce strain with an adjustable design that supports optimal screen height.
    • Organization: Keep your workspace tidy with built-in compartments for all your essentials.
    • Customizable Lighting: Enhance your environment with fully addressable LED lighting, customizable to match your mood or task.

    Technical Specifications

    • Materials: Powder-coated MDF base, Baltic Birch plywood, high-quality steel accessories.
    • Dimensions: MINI: (29in x 9in x 4.5in) MAX: (45in x 9in x 4.5in) 
    • Lighting: Touch interface for brightness and mode control.


    Why Choose the Aura Riser? The Aura Riser is not just a product; it's a commitment to quality and innovation. From its initial concept to the final product, the Aura Riser has undergone rigorous development and testing to ensure it meets the highest standards. By choosing the Aura Riser, you're investing in a workspace solution that prioritizes your health, productivity, and style.

    Support Our Kickstarter Join us on Kickstarter to bring the Aura Riser to life. Your support will help us meet production costs and deliver a product that transforms workspaces worldwide. Visit our Pre-Kickstarter page to learn more and pledge your support.

    Thank you for your interest in the Aura Riser. Together, we can create a workspace that inspires and supports your best work.

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