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The Modular EDC Tray By Hobby Built

The Modular EDC Tray By Hobby Built

We are thrilled to unveil the Modern Desk EDC Organizer Tray, a versatile solution designed to keep you organized in style. Crafted with modern aesthetics and practical functionality in mind, these sleek trays are perfect for any space, whether it's your office desk, bedside table, or living room coffee table.


  • Convenient Phone Stand: The large version of the tray features a built-in phone stand that accommodates most smartphones with a width less than 3 1/4". It also doubles as a pull tab, making it easy to access your organizer even in tight spaces.

How It's Made:

  • Each piece is meticulously crafted from a brushed aluminum-clad lightweight urethane sheet.
  • Topped with a smooth felt layer to protect your belongings.
  • Features a cork base for added aesthetics, preventing scratches on your tabletop, and facilitating easy movement.


  • Perfect for organizing your computer desk with compartments for glasses, headphones, charger cords, SD cards, and more.
  • Ideal for the entryway or bedside table, keeping essentials like keys, wallets, sunglasses, and mints within reach.
  • Enhance your living room coffee or side table with compartments for playing cards, remotes, dice, and other items.


  • Large: 11.5" x 7.5" (3/4" depth)
  • Medium: 7.5" x 4.0" (3/4" depth)
  • Small: 4.0" x 4.0" (3/4" depth)

Each size is carefully designed to accommodate different objects, offering versatility and functionality to suit your needs. The large tray is perfect for both small and large items, while the medium size is ideal for slender or rectangular objects.

The Modern Desk EDC Organizer Tray is not just a functional accessory but also a stylish addition to any space. Whether you're looking to declutter your workspace or add a touch of sophistication to your home, this organizer tray is the perfect solution.

For more information or to purchase these trays visit EDC Tray

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