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Accented Wall Light

Color: Spring Oak

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This modern accented low profile wall light will be a perfect addition to any home or business.

The front face is of oak veneer stained to the color of your choosing, behind is a 1/4" piece of frosted acrylic. RGB Led's will shine through the frosted translucent acrylic set to any color you desire matching your spaces needs.

Colors available include Spring Oak, Traditional Cherry, and Dark Walnut (additional stains available upon request). This light is meant to be more of a ambient light, it provides a soft glow rather than a harsh bright light.

This light is not intended to replace lighting entirely in the intended space. Additional lighting may be needed.

Each set includes:
One 4ft wall light
A 24-key RGB remote controllers
Power Supply
Mounting hardware including screws and standoffs

Thanks for your consideration and hope to see this sign light up your home or business!

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