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Dust Collection Arm


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This adjustable, retrofittable pivoting dust collection arm is suitable for hobby grade to professional CNC setups. It is compatible with most standard size T-Tracks, providing a convenient solution for workspaces with existing T-Track. Additionally, this arm is effective for hobby grade CNCs without a proper dust collection hose management system.

The dust collection arm easily installs with machine/wood screws and provides maximum versatility for hose management in any workspace. It helps to securely and safely guide your dust collection hose of any size to the cutting tool, allowing for improved air flow and optimal tool performance.

*For both kits dust collection hoses, and MDF wood square pictured are NOT included

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Included in the T-Track kit is: 
2- 5051 aluminum brackets (upper and lower) with 6M hardware
1- HDPE bearing with #12 wood screws
6- Hose mounting brackets with M4 hardware
2- 24" Aluminum T-Tracks
For the non T-Track kit use any standard size T-Track rail and mount with above hardware
Color: Silver (Black Accents)
Material: Aluminum
machine footprint: Any size
7 hose mounting adjustable tie down locations
360°  Rotation (3 Adjustment angles @ 90, 67.5, and 45 degrees.
Span dimension(90°): 25inch span and 26.75 in height
Span dimension(45°): 42inch span and 18 in height
Overall dimensions




Shipping dimensions (With T-Tracks) : 
24in x 4in x 4in (Without): 6in x 4in x 3in 
Estimated ship weight: 2 pounds
This item only ships to the contiguous United States of America
Item ships from: Michigan

Typically kits with T-Tracks go out UPS, while kits without go USPS. Delivery Method may vary.
This item can be returned within 30 days of the date it was purchased in store, shipped, delivered.
See the return policy for complete information.

Q: Can I order mine with longer extrusions?
A: Right now we only have 24" Extrusions available for purchase

Q: Am I limited to a certain size hose?
A: Definitely not, you can use any size hose. We have tried 1.25", 2.5", and 4" tubing for our dust collector arms. Anything over that can work but you may need to purchase longer zip ties to secure the tubing.

Q: How long of hose will I need for a 4'x4' setup?
A: Depending on positioning and type of hose but generally a 15ft hose will work

Q: Do you make side mounted ones?
A: Currently, no but send us a message and we'll see what we can do.

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