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Introducing the Aura Riser™—the perfect blend of style and functionality for gamers, tech enthusiasts, and productivity aficionados. Shrouded in the Aura, this riser enhances your workspace and well-being. Sign up now for early access to our Kickstarter and receive up to 40% OFF.


Improves ergonomics by elevating your monitor to eye level, reducing needless strain on your neck and back.


Sleek design, vibrant LEDs, and elegant wood or mono color glossy finishes, transforming your workspace.


Under riser storage, built-in shelf, and device holder makes quick work to keep it neat and tidy.


The feeling of your favorite colors dancing while you work, play, or chill heals the soul!

Any size to fit your needs

The Aura Riser­™ Mini boasts all the features of its larger counterpart in a smaller package. Perfect for maximizing space while enhancing ergonomics, this mini riser is your solution for a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing desk setup.

Limitless Customizations

Effortlessly customize LED color patterns and presets with the open-source WLED program. Program hotkey buttons for quick access and enjoy intuitive control over brightness and zone intensity. Our riser features addressable RGB LEDs for full-spectrum color customization, as well as CCT technology with an added warm LED channel for precise color mixing.

Built-In Cable Management

Make quick work tidying up loose spaghetti with our adjustable cable management clips and channels.

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What sizes do you offer?

We plan to have two versions to start:
The Aura Riser™ Mini (29in x 9in)
The Aura Riser™ Max (45in x 9in)
The height of both versions are 4.5in

Difference between versions?

The Aura Riser™ version includes the essential features for a streamlined experience, while the Aura Riser­™ Pro version offers additional all accessories and advanced functionalities for enhanced performance and convenience.
(Individual accessories can be purchased after the kickstarter campaign)

What are the tops made from?

Our tops are crafted from premium materials tailored to your preferences. The wood version features high-ply Baltic birch and veneered oak, meticulously finished with a hard wax stain for a seamless match to your desired finish.

Alternatively, opt for our solid color version, featuring a sleek high-pressure gloss laminate finish for a modern aesthetic.

How sturdy is the riser?

The riser is built tough, with powder-coated steel legs, shelf, and device holder, along with an aluminum track for mounting accessories. This sturdy construction ensures durability and stability, while the track's guide rail allows for easy adjustment of accessories.

What do the buttons do on the riser?

The buttons on the riser serve multiple functions to enhance your experience. The first button powers the riser on and off, ensuring effortless control. The second and third buttons enable seamless adjustment of brightness levels, providing personalized lighting settings. The fourth button facilitates mode switching, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different lighting modes. Additionally, advanced features such as long presses and double taps unlock a world of customization, including zone control and tailored lighting setups, empowering you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

How can I control the lighting?

You can control the Aura Riser™ in multiple ways using the open-source WLED program. Manage it directly from the riser, or conveniently from your mobile and desktop devices.

Do you offer International Shipping?

We plan to ship international so be on the lookout, best thing to do is sign up to get alerted when the Kickstarter goes live!

Leave a comment below if you would like to know anything more about the Aura Riser­™ or just want to say hi!

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About Us

We started our journey creating unique LED signage and home decor pieces, proudly focusing on local designs. Now, we've ventured into the high-end office space, bringing the same passion for quality and innovation. Our latest product, the Aura Riser, combines ergonomics, organization, and customizable lighting to transform any workspace into a personalized, productive environment. Learn more about us here.

Why Support Our Kickstarter

Why Support Our Kickstarter: The Aura Riser

The Aura Riser is more than just a desk accessory; it's a revolutionary product designed to enhance your workspace with ergonomic benefits, superior organization, and customizable lighting. Our journey from concept to creation has been driven by a dedication to quality and innovation, ensuring that each product is crafted to the highest standards.

Why We Need Your Support

Creating a high-quality product like the Aura Riser requires significant resources. Your support on Kickstarter will help us meet the minimum order quantities for the materials and components, including the powder-coated MDF base, Baltic Birch plywood, and the advanced lighting system. Funding will also enable us to streamline production and ensure timely delivery of a product that lives up to our high standards.

By backing our Kickstarter, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re joining us on a mission to revolutionize workspaces. Your contribution will help bring the Aura Riser to life, allowing us to deliver a product that enhances productivity, comfort, and style in your workspace.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for supporting our vision. Together, we can make the Aura Riser a reality and transform workspaces around the world.

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